Monday, August 2, 2010

Phoebe The Labrador

We have a new addition in our house, Phoebe.

Now, let me clarify something. I am not a big fan of pets and I didn't actually agree to having a labrador in the house. But then, I am not living at home, and I am not the one who is going to be doing the taking care, so I guess I can't complain.

I am actually quite afraid of dogs...not Togo and Tagar and Gamby of course (although I still cannot bear for them to jump on me), so I was rather nervous about meeting Phoebe for the first time last weekend.

I bought her a new bowl, a toy and a treat as a bribe, hoping she won't bark at me or bite me. What happened was, she took the toy and the treat and then ran away from me.

I don't understand, is she afraid of me? This is the first time a dog is running away from me instead of vice versa. I tried the whole weekend to get into her good books, but for some reason she kept running away or barking at me. Although she runs to me when I give her treats. I guess she needs more time to get used to strangers (just like me!).

I must say, she is rather well trained. She does her bussiness only outside the house, and never in the house or her cage (which is inside the house) even overnight. She knows that she can only have her food and drinks inside the cage. She knows that when we go out she has to get into the cage and never causes a fuss.

I am rather surprised though - I never thought that my Mom would allow a dog into the house, free to run in and out. She is SO attached to the puppy, it's like a proud Mother with a newborn baby. In fact, everytime I talk to my mother nowadays, she will be telling this and that story about Phoebe. When we go out anywhere, all my Mom want's to do is get back home so that Phoebe won't be lonely. 26 years, and I never knew Mom loved animals so much..

Well, I didn't have time to take pictures with Phoebe the last time I was back, mainly because she was too busy running away from me. Here are some shots of her when she first joined the family.

a rare moment - Phoebe standing still enough to be photographed

"Hmm..what am I supposed to do with this?"

"Doesn't taste that good, though"
p/s I have no idea what happened to the tennis ball; it wasn't anywhere in sight when I went back.


ken said...

cute =)

Kamal said...

LOL, the sisters have common characteristics! Exactly what my mom does...