Friday, February 29, 2008

Spring is in the air

Melting snow = puddles = dirty jeans and shoes.
Drizzle = more puddles.
We have had drizzle for quite a few days. It's not a very heavy or continuous drizzle, but it is there (my mom would call it an irritating drizzle). However, I can't say that I'm unhappy with this weather. This is a sign- it's going to be spring soon.

Spring is my most favourite season. The weather gets warmer and warmer and everytime I switch to a thinner jacket, I feel a little happier. And then comes the days where you don't have to wear a jacket at all when you go out. Sandals come out of boxes. The guys are particularly happy during spring and summer because the Russian girls seems to favour see through, low neck blouses and (ultra) short skirts. Flowers start blooming too, although in Moscow, you don't really get to see much of it unless you go to a park and the likes.

I guess summer would be more or less like spring too, but then summer is usually spent in Malaysia, so I can't say much about it. Another reason to love spring - there's always the prospect of going back home to look forward to.

Autumn is comparable to spring, but then as the weather gets colder, the jackets have to get thicker.As a result, I start feeling more depressed. I don't like winter. Autumn leads to winter, and there is no way to escape that. So, although the orange leaves are beautiful, when they fall and the trees start getting bare, I start wishing for a short, warm winter (which almost never happens).

Winter- forget about what you see in movies- people making snowman and having snow fights and skating and skiing etc. I do none of that (have had a few snowfights, that's all). I try to stay indoors as much as possible. Going outdoors is reserved to go for classes and to buy groceries and the occasional window shopping. It is my believe that I am meant to live in a warm country and I can't stand the cold. No matter how thick a jacket I wear, it just never seems to be enough (during peak winter)! Not only that, it gets dark at about 5pm. It makes any normal human being miserable, trust me. I can never understand people who say they enjoy winter - what is there to enjoy?

This (academic) year started with my last autumn, then it was my last winter (yeay!) and now it's my last spring. Am I going to miss it? Nope, I don't think so. A whole year of sunshine and rain..I can handle that.

Compare the 2 photos you see below and decide for yourself which weather you would prefer.

p/s thanks Von Yen for helping me find the pic. :P


Anonymous said...

yeay! tis time im the 1st!! :P i like spring too!! woohoo!!

Anonymous said...

oh,why am i the 2nd again :(
well,i will try to be the first next time then
hmm,i love spring as well ;)
not too hot n not too cold
guess who am i..haha:)

Krazie Fishie @ Sharma said...

Why dont you put in a link to my blog and nila's blog as well....
I will add your blog to my link...

The_Great_one said...

cant believe fourth...i am never fourth... u cant judge a weather by a picture alrite

Sharini said...

Actually I'm still trying to figure out how to set the page and stuff.

anonymous no.2, I still think it's either VY of Jan....but you guys are denying it..sokay..will wait for more comments from you.