Saturday, July 26, 2008

What's With Guys And Football??!!

Scenario #1

G : Do you know how expensive tomatoes are?
Me : Excuse me?
G : It is 70 rubles (+RM10) per kg! That is why I don't buy them.

Few months later (a day before the Champion's League Final match)

G : Hey, I'm going for the Champion's League Finals
Me : Really? How come? You managed to get a ticket?
G : Yup, I bought it for 200euros.

Scenario #2

K (just back from work) : I am SO tired! And I have to go back to work early tomorrow.
Me : Why don't you go to bed early, then?
K : I can't. I have to watch the final match (also referring to the Champion's League).

Scenario #3

Girls : Hey, let's have a BBQ on Sunday.
Guys : Sure, no prob. We'll start early, at 11am.
Girls (pretty sure that the guys will wake up late, as usual) : OK.

On the day of the BBQ, 10.30am

Guys : Come on girls, let's go. We have to start the BBQ now. We have to be back by 4pm for a football match, Man U is playing.

Scenario #4

Barcelona, a few minutes before the Euro Cup final was about to start

Me : Excuse me, I would like to go online.
D : OK. For how long?
Me : Half an hour.
D : That would be 0.50euros.
Me : Thank you.

Few minutes later...

D : You know what, just use the net for as long as you want to. I am going to watch the football match. (locks up the register and leaves)

Scenario #5

Me : Hi. Do you have classes on Wednesday, 'cos Mom said it's a public holiday.
Rajiv : I 'memang' don't have class on Wednesday, so it makes no difference to me. But then I have to meet my faculty dean for .....(couldn't really understand what he said)
Me : Oh..'cos cousin brother said he has tickets for the Chelsea game on Tuesday...
Rajiv : Then of course I will come back(from JB). No problem. Just tell me what time I need to be there.

(the meeting with the faculty dean is forgotten)


What is it with guys and football? I just don't get it!! It's just a game where 22 guys chase a ball all over a field!


Chong Beng said...

wat la,everything above sounds perfectly normal to me,hahaha!

vonyen said...

like ur this post sha..:)
i also cant understand why guys r so into football..
mayb tats also how they cant und why gals like shopping as well..haha

Sharini said...

chong beng : you really think all the above situations are normal? such a guy....argh!!

vonyen : I don't think guys are as gila of shopping as guys are of v know, some guys shop more than gals..haha

Chong Beng said...

i like shopping also(when i hav money),and not every guys watch football(my roomate is good example),so i guess we cant stereotype guys and gals like that,hehe!

vonyen said...

yaya... some guys can reaaaallly shop..
i n swee know tat real well..haha :P

kasut-gombak said...


it's me lar. erme. ur classmate at SIS.


CK said...

simply put, its a wonderful game thats above the comprehension of women :)
i know you'll hate me for this :)

Sharini said...

CK..I get the rules of the game,I know how the game is played.
What I don't get is how obsessed guys are about it.
p/s I don't hate you.