Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Do We Need An F1 Team?

It wasn't until a couple of days ago that I heard that Malaysia is going to have it's own F1 team.

My first response...WHAT??!!

1. What do we get by sponsoring an F1 team?
There is almost zero chance that we are going to win - unless of course if all the other cars crash or have some technical problems.

2. Look at the name we chose - 1Malaysia...
I know that it is supposed to show our togetherness and bla, bla, bla...but isn't it just a bit too much?
Imagine the commentator saying this -
'The 1Malaysia has crashed'.
'1Malaysia failed to finish yet again'.
Of course, it would be wonderful to hear 'As expected, 1Malaysia has won the race yet again!', but how often do you think we would get to hear that?

Another thing that caught me by shock - our driver.
Alex Yoong.
It's not that he is horrible, but I am not saying he is great.
In fact, I am not going to say anything at all.
I am sure everyone knows him..

Here is what Wikipedia has to say...
Justify Full"Backed by the Malaysian lottery company Magnum he was given the chance to drive three Formula One races in 2001 for the Minardi team, debuting at the Italian GP. He thus became the first Malaysian F1 driver. The deal was extended for the whole 2002 season, however after a good result of seventh in the Australian Grand Prix he struggled to be competitive. After failing to be remotely close to the 107% rule for many races, he was replaced by Anthony Davidson for two mid-season races. Although his form did improve afterwards, his Formula One career ended at the close of season. He competed in 18 Grands Prix with a best result of 7th in the 2002 Australian Grand Prix."

I really don't understand why we are getting into this F1 business.
Do we really have THAT much money?
Do we have nothing else to spend that money on?
Is there a purpose behind this plan?
I'm sure there is - we wouldn't do something just for the fun of it, right?
I just wish I knew why.

And I want to know why I am not getting my bonus this year - is it really because we have already spent a lot of money battling the H1N1?


Ju-Lian said...

My thoughts exactly! I'm still shaking my head over the news...haihhh

M-Factor said...

After years of Malaysia Boleh, we now have another - 1Malaysia

My ass!

Anonymous said...

good to see people like you. pessimist!
Last time Mahathir want to make first national car, alot people like you attacked.
Well i think you better move out from malaysia and because malaysia is not bolehland for you.
Ops..also criticize without give any suggestion also nearly to stupid.
thank you.
oh..i'm anonymous-because i like it.haha

kv said...