Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Reason To Be Happy

In a way, today felt like Deepavali.

Finally, our ward received a new stock of syringes and gloves etc.

In the beginning, we lacked sterile gloves.

Then non-sterile gloves.

For the past few days, you would be lucky if you can find any gloves at all!!

It has been more than a month since we had 10cc syringe.

Let me tell you why you need 10cc syringe.

When a patient is admitted to the ward, here are a few basic investigations:

1. FBC - 2cc

2. RP/LFT - 1cc

3. RBS - 1 to 2 cc

4. PT/INR - 2cc

Which comes to 7 cc.

So, how do you use a 5cc syringe to take the blood?

2 choices - prick the patient twice, or you use a 5cc syringe and take the blood and then remove the syringe from the needle and in place put in another syringe (don't take the needle off from the patient). The first way, the patient will hate you, the 2nd way, you are at a risk of needle prick injury - so, which would you choose?

Branulas are hard to get too - someone made the wrong orders and certain wards have this horrible branula which is SO hard to use!

Tegaderm - another almost extinct thing - nowadays we just use plaster.

Thankfully, today we received our stock.

I really felt happy to see the PPK pushing the trolly full of stuff today.

Anyway, quote of the day, by Dr. LYF - "Only 2 things in life is certain - death and income tax".


kenwooi said...

you're a doctor i see..
must be interesting =)

miaw said...

wahahaha!!! interesting. This happens everyday esp in medical ward.......thanx to our efficient ward sisters.