Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Blessing, NOT A Curse.

If any of you (althought I doubt it) have been following my blog previously, you would know that I have a slight problem with my nose, and as a consequence have gone through half of my life relatively smell-less.

I don't complain though - especially when I walk past huge drains and rivers and when I am in crowded places. I don't mind that I can't smell my food; I can still taste it so that's OK for me.

I especially appreciate my so-called lackingness (or you could call it my luck) when a patient with infected wound comes to the operation theater for a wound debridement. Everyone around me would complaint about the smell. The foul smell can sometimes be smelt up to the other end of the OT, and some say that the smell sticks to your clothes that unless you change you clothes, you can't get rid of the smell. Someone would run out of the OT to get some perfumed spray. All the other doors will be closed. People will be walking out of the OT trying to put as much distance from the smell as they can. Me, I can just stand there and not react - because to me, there is nothing to react to.

But then, recently, my ENT doctor decided to start me on some (let's call it) miracle pills.I've just been taking it for the past few days and now I can smell. And you know what is one of the first things I smell? A patient's bad breath.

I just don't get it. Can't you brush your teeth if you are sick? I mean I totally understand if you are dying or things like that; but if you are just admitted for an infected eye, for appendicitis or any other minor stuff, can't you just walk to the toilet to brust your teeth? If you can walk to take a leak, I'm sure carrying a toothbrush with you won't be a problem. And can you just have a shower while you are at it? So many people complain about the so-called hospital smell - but can't you see, it's not the hospital that smells, it's the patients who refuse to just practice a little hygiene!!

Please!! Brush you teeth. Especially if you are coming to the OT. It's a closed area with nowhere to escape to. Please be considerate!!

Yes, I can also now smell my shampoo and lotion and food and everything else there is to smell, but then again my thought keeps going back to that moment when the lady opened her mouth the other day. ARGH!!!!

I wish I can write longer, but my brain has just stopped working 'cos I just remembered that I am oncall tomorrow.

Draw up your own conclusions please, can't seem to put my thought to words right now. :)

Good night!!

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