Friday, April 25, 2008

Group 7, class of '08, MMA

These are/were my group mates since my first year. All these pictures were taken yesterday afternoon in the deans office. I will try to put up a post soon with pictures from our first year till now, so that you can see how we have changed in the past 6 years.

*The list of people below is based on our class name list.

Natiara/Nat – diam-diam ubi berisi, that’s what she is. Ask her any question related to medicine, and you get a lecture with all the info you need. Always with a smile on her face. Very innocent - believes whatever you tell her, however absurd it sounds. Obsessed with exercise. The only one in the group who doesn’t need glasses.

Hajar – a very outspoken person. If I need an honest opinion from someone, this is where it will come from. The most Russian-language-proficient in our group. Loves comics and Korean/Japanese animes and dramas. My Terengganu-mate.

Me (Sharini) – the sweetest, nicest person you can ever meet in you life. Has no bad habits to speak of. Doesn’t even know how to tell a lie. First impression – shy, quiet. The closer you get to me, the noisier I become.

Puspha/Push – Has a memory like a computer. Noisy- in a good way. Loves cooking, hates dirt. Obsessed with cleaning up – has a schedule and everything. In short, a good, pedantric housewife. Loves dogs. My roommate for the past 5 years.

Fen Fang/Jan – Quiet, calm, can never be rushed. A good listener. Has never known what it’s like to be angry. Spends most of her time in front of her laptop. A good writer – both in English and Chinese. My roommate in the 1st year.

Madeleine – the quietest in the class. The most hardworking too – goes for almost all lectures and classes, unlike the rest of us. Loves reading. Has friends from all over the world.

Von Yen – the encyclopedia of the group. Answers any questions you ask her, even the stupidest ones. Daddy’s girl. Easily bully-able when she’s in a good mood (almost all the time). Hates the sun. Was an innocent girl until she became friends with the rest of us in the group.

Chong Beng/Ah Beng – The group ‘monitor’. Taught us what the words male-ego means. However, can be a nice, sweet guy when he wants to. Cooks well - cooked us an 8 course meal last month. Does not believe that a comb is a necessary item in his cupboard.

Hafidz – avid reader of fiction novels especially those with dragons in them. Has a good voice; didn't know it until he sang during the gala night last year. Enjoys playing with the playstation when he’s not reading his novels.

Yee Gin – can be quite blur at times. Joined our group in the 4th year, so sometimes known as alien. Loves baking and shopping. Has been trained to take good pictures. Secret dream (not so secret anymore) – to be a housewife married to a millionaire.

Swee Hung – Kahovs karaoke (duet) and mahjong champion this year. She is the definition of happy go lucky. Stick-thin. Almost always joins me in bullying Von Yen. Good, unbiased listener. Finds it extremely hard to buy things for herself – handphone, shoes, etc. (All pictures in this post are from her camera).

So, there they groupmates. Gonna miss you guys!


Chong Beng said...
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Chong Beng said...

if u r the sweetest gal,then i'm the most handsome guy in the world,wahahaha!:p hahah,besides that,overall very wellsaid,good post,applause to sharini.will surely miss u guys!nvm,we hav so many wedding dinner for gathering right,i bet 1st one will be nat one,hehe!

puspha said...

aik,how u know,maybe madeleine,jan or u marry first

lai yee said...

hehehe! nice one!