Sunday, April 20, 2008

High Tea in Kahovs

Around this time each year, we, students of the foreign student department get a few days (sometimes up to a week) of holiday. The reason- Hitler's birthday.

Contrary to popular belief, there are no soldiers or KGBs standing around with guns everywhere in Russia. They do however have a problem with skinheads. Every now and then, there are stories about skinheads, and during this time of the year, their activity intensifies a little, which is why we are given holidays, so that we can stay in our hostels, out of harms way. Sometimes, there is even a curfew and we won't be let out of the hostel. To tell you the truth, most of us have no problems with this rule- a holiday is after all a holiday. All we have to do is buy and store a little bit more food than usual.

However, holidays can be rather boring sometimes. So, this time around, Yee Gin and Victor arranged a party, a high-tea party. It took about a week of planning and buying stuff. Everyone chipped in money and also helped in the cooking, and by 4pm everything was ready. As usual, the party was held in the 1st floor room.

Menu : nasi lemak with egg sambal, mi goreng, roti canai, dhal, pancakes, sandwiches, chicken chop, buffalo wings, fried fish, a few types of sushis, curry puffs, prawn biscuits, chocolate cakes, banoffee pies, fruit tarts, lemon tea and teh tarik.

The chief cooks were Victor and Jia Yu. As usual, Sukhi was our DJ. I was incharge of the chocolate cakes, but then the end result didn't look that nice (although it did taste OK), so i didn't upload a picture of it. :p

The party started at about 4.30pm. Everyone was quite hungry by that time I think 'cos almost everyone had been helping with the preparation since morning. Everyone ate to their hearts content and by about 6.30pm, everyone was full and happy. We just lazed around, picking at leftover food, took a few pictures and after some time, decided that it was about time to clean up and go back to our rooms. There was some leftover food, but I am sure it will probably finish by the end of today. All in all, a wonderful, memorable party. Thanks Yee Gin and Victor!

Sukhi the DJ

part of the crowd (the picture started out with only 7 people posing for the camera)

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