Friday, December 5, 2008

Post BTN

Finally! After 5 days of no internet, I finally get to go online!

I can't really write a proper post this time.

I was supposed to register and report to Ipoh Hospital earlier today, but then, since I (and about 20+) other housemen just finished our BTN yesterday, we were given permission to report only on Tuesday. I only found out about it yesterday evening, so I stayed back in Ipoh (as was planned earlier) and just came back today.

There is a family gathering to attend this weekend, starting today, so I don't really have the chance to go online for a long time.

Gotta leave now for the function.
Will try my best to write a post soon.
Thank you everyone for dropping by to my blog.

p/s BTN was fun!! Hope will get to write about it.


Allan Leyva said...

I'm expecting more blog posts from you since I'm liking your blog sooo much!
Good luck to your family gathering & all... :)

Sharini said...

thank you..!!