Sunday, November 30, 2008

End Of Induction

Induction has come to an end. Tomorrow, we will be leaving Sintok for Ulu Kenas, Kuala Kangsar for a 5 days, 4 nights BTN camp.

How many of you have actually heard of Ulu Kenas?
This place is SO Ulu, that it is said that even Maxis doesn't have line there.
I think I can safely take a bet that there will be no internet there.

It's like being cut off from the world for 5 days.
No internet, no phone calls, no smses.
It's like life back in the 80s or 90s.
We didn't have a problem back then. Why is it such a big deal now? How spoilt have we become?

I am not going to crap for too long today. It's 3am now and I have to be up by 7am tomorrow.
I am following Mel to the BTN car in his car instead of the bus.
I am hoping that we will stop somewhere (preferably KFC) to buy lunch.

I am going to miss the internet.
I am going to miss receiving phonecalls and smses.
But, I will survive, 'cos I have no choice.
It's going to be a tiring 5 days, I think (from what I've heard).
Hopefully, I will be able to go online soon.
Till the next post....have fun people!


KR said...

takper2...sabar tu separuh dpr iman kite...lepas kautim then u ll feel much better yg u dah of urself...

Chong Beng said...

oh no diff anyway they will take away ur hp,heheh!enjoy the btn k!b4 u start the helly life :p

CK said...

dont know about you, but BTN for me was more relaxing than bloody induksi..

bloody lumut:P