Sunday, March 9, 2008

I don't break everything

A few days ago, Swee Hung and I were looking a pregnancy chart (see picture) that I got when we attended a conference that my pediatric lecturer made us attend a couple of weeks ago. I don't know what it is called exactly, but basically it shows you when to go for your tests and ultrasounds when you are pregnant. It also shows what the baby looks like when it is in the womb, month by month. It is actually a very common chart in all the hospitals in Malaysia, except, those in Malaysia don't have the fetuses picture.

We were still talking about the chart when Ah Beng entered the room. Naturally, he was curious and wanted to look at it. This is the conversation that took place....

'Ei, what is that? I wanna see'

'No Beng, you will break (spoil) it'

'Nolah, I don't break any- everything la'

' wanted to say anything but then you know that is not true right?'

*Beng smiling sheepishly*

'Nah! Be careful, don't spoil it'

A few seconds (notice-seconds) later....'Eh, you gave me a chart that is already spoiled and you told me to not spoil it' (chart in two pieces).

Swee Hung and I stared at him, too shocked for words, for a few moments. Then we laughed at him as he attempted to fix it, and finally gave up, still claiming that it was already spoiled when we gave it to him. Guys...:P


vonyen said...

sha,i think u shud let ahbeng know the existance of this blog..;)

Anonymous said...

ah usual la..

puspha said...

at first he said "oh..broken woh.." i was too shocked to see his fast accomplishment that i didn`t notice him telling u ppl gave him a broken chart