Saturday, March 15, 2008


It's been really long since I last posted anything. The thing is, I don't have anything to say 'cos the last few days have been interview, interview, interview. Everyone is talking about it, preparing for it, or thinking about it. The interview is on Monday!!

'Study hypertension, it's really important'.

'Oh yes, diabetes is important too.'
'What if they ask about dengue?'
'How bout HFMD? You think they'll ask about this?'
'They asked the students in the other university about appendicitis, thyrotoxicosis....'
And the list goes on and on....

Argh!! Suddenly exams don't seems that hard, at least you know what to study for.

A friend of mine watched a movie a few days back and I saw this statement...
'Thousands of people stop smoking each day by dying'.
Nice one, don't you think?

Till after the interview then!!


QUEK Wee said...

hahaha...u did write a blog 1???

Sharini said...

haha....started recently only..:P

puspha said...

i'm the fren who watched the movie wif the above quote :D hehehehehe