Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's Party Time!

It's been only 3 days since my final exam. It feels like it has been a long, long time. Although the day immediately after the exam was kind of boring, yesterday and today wasn't too bad. It's 'cos I've had quite a few things to keep me occupied.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve is organizing a post-GOS-exam party (GOS exam = final exam) in Zona Club tomorrow and I'm going! It's the first time I'm going clubbing actually, and I don't know what to expect. I imagine that it will be dark and smoky and noisy and crowded. I will definitely write a post about it on Sunday or Monday, depending on how tired I am. The party is supposed to be from 10pm tomorrow till 6am Sunday morning. I have never in my life been out at such inhuman hours before. I can't wait!!

Also, Puspha and I are planning to do something tomorrow morning, I am not going to tell what for now, but then hopefully it turns out well because I think this is the only chance for me to try out something like this. Although excited about it, I am also quite nervous because I have no idea what it is going to turn out like. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Another thing to keep my day full..Quek came up with a marvellous idea of making ourselves (the 6th year English medium) an e-book containing our personal information and loads of photos. Since time is not really on our side as we have to complete it before the 24th, everyone is kind of rushing to collect and compile all the photos and information that we need. I don't really have that much of a job to do - all I am supposed to do is collect whatever is needed from my group members and pass it on to the editors. However, going through old photographs and answering the questionnaire that was prepared took up quite some time too; time that was spent mostly smiling and laughing over things that happened during our stay here.

Besides that, yesterday we had a small party in the hostel. It was supposed to be a picnic in Tsarysino Park, but it had to be converted to an indoor makan session since the weather decided not to cooperate with us. As usual, it was a potluck party. The 6 of us (Von Yen, Fen Fang, Swee Hung, Puspha, Yee Gin and I) prepare garlic bread and mushroom soup since it was more of a tea party. We had it on the 2nd floor corridor. This was the first time papers and mats were spread on the floor and we had our food sitting down. As usual, we gathered up, we ate, we talked a bit and then we went back to our rooms.

Come to think of it, a party in Russia is very different from one in Malaysia. The Zona Club party is a once in a blue moon kind of party; usually, this is what happens in Russia:
1. Decide to have a party, ask whether the others agree to it.
2. Decide who is going to cook what.
3. Everyone cooks.
4. Everyone gather up.
5. Everyone eat.
6. Everyone clean up.
7. Everyone go back to their rooms.

I imagine that in Malaysia, the scenario will slightly differ:
1. Decide to have a party.
2. Invite friends/family
3. Call caterers and arrange a menu
4. Have party, eat, drink, have fun.
5. Guest goes home. Host cleans up or has someone to clean up the mess.

I am not saying that one of the above situation is better than the other, but then it just goes on to show how different life is here and in Malaysia. I have posted here photos of parties/makan-sessions that we've had. I have only uploaded a few photos, but just look at the variety of food that we've had!

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