Friday, September 19, 2008

City Or Myvi

I am confused.

I will most probably start my induction course next month and start work in November. Since I live in Malaysia and the public transport sucks, I will need a car. The only problem is, I can't decide on what car to buy.

So far, I have narrowed down my choices to 2 cars - Honda City and Myvi. I know that both of these are completely different cars, but, hear me out. Whatever I am about to say are things I have heard from many conversations around me. I don't know how precise the facts are, but I am assuming that they are correct.

Honda cars have a very good reputation when it comes to petrol consumption. I never really liked the looks of the City, but there is no way I can afford a Civic (don't even need to mention the Accord) which is why City is one of the 2 cars I am considering. A quick survey of the price showed that if I were to get a City, I would have to pay about RM1000 per month for 7-9 years.
Then, I was told that there is a new City that is going to be launched. It has been launched in Thailand, but then it will be in Malaysia most probably at the end of this year or the beginning of next year. My brother and Dad are telling me to wait for that City (my brother prefers that one 'cos it looks better) and when you think about it, it is a good idea to wait for a newer model. Hey, I could even save up so that I would have more downpayment to put down. But then, how do I go to and fro from work till then? Do my parents have to wake up at insanely hours just to send/fetch me (assuming I am posted in Seremban) to/from work?

And then, there's the Myvi. My Mom drives a Myvi now, and she keeps telling me how great a car it is. My brother tells me that the Myvi was voted the best car for the year ...... by ........ (I can never remember these kind of facts). Besides, if I get a Myvi, I will only have to pay about RM700+ for 5 years. This means, I finish my payment faster (compared to if I get a City) AND I get to save up more money every month. But then, my Mom keeps asking me 'why do we need 2 Myvis in one house?'
The whole thing got more confusing when my ex-neighbours came for a visit last Tuesday. They bought a 2nd hand City (quite an old one) and they said that it is a very good car. I quote the Uncle 'after driving the City, none of my children want to drive the Wira (their other car) anymore'. And yesterday, Beng told me more or less the same thing. that I've wrote down about my 'confusion' one thing seems quite clear - everyone (almost everyone) is telling me to get a City, but the main constraining factor is the monthly payment. Am I willing to fork out RM1k every month for a car? Should I just get a cheaper car for now and get another car later when I earn more or should I just get a more expensive (and, according to most people, longer lasting) car now itself?

Haven't even started work yet and I'm already thinking about spending my pay..

Still confused..


blue_racoon said...

i guess it all boils down to how much you can fork out every month.
I wanted a camry and i only worked for like what? 5 months?? not to mention i have to pay back for my study loan. so i opted for the myvi instead.

it's not too bad of a car. i once let a colleague drive my car and he said that he was surprised that it's actually quite smooth to drive...

CK said...

there's the vios, and sentra, and latio, and chevrolet, and citroen, and godknows what else :)

why limit yourself to only the city or myvi?

puspha said...

sha my love....we r in the same dilemma.thanx for the post.but i have the satria for time being.cant depend on it much though coz there will come a time wen both my dad n i might wanna use it at the same time.thanx again for the post..i'll be benefitting from it too

Chong Beng said...

trying to get some suggestions and ideas here ah,hahaha!both have their pros and cons,u js get into deeper dileamma,js make a decision la,u can afford either car

Sunny said...

I agree with what Chong Beng has to say. Not like you cannot afford either of the cars ??

What happened to the savings with JPA's money while you were starving yourself in Moscow ? Ahahaha :)

Aiyah... if you want to SAVE money now, and when u earn enough to change another car in the future, buy Myvi now.

If you want to buy a car that will last you for at least 10 years and not planning on changing it in the near future, choose city.

But actually, why not wait until you get posted only decide ? Maybe you don't even need a car. Who knows. I know maybe it will be too late for the car to deliver by then, but I am sure there are ways to get around with :)