Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What A Day!

Today, I was posted to paediatric oncology. In general, there are usually very few oncology patients and I am supposed to be quite free today. This is how my day went.

I went to 6A to see whether there were any Oncology patients there. There was one.

I went to PICU to see whether there were any Onco patients there. There was none.

I went back to 6A and reviewed the patient there.

I went to ACC (Pusat Rawatan Harian) because that is where I'm supposed to go after I am done with my reviewing. The ACC building is across the road from the main building - there is a bridge connecting both the buildings on the 2nd floor.

My MO came and told me to review 2 patients in 5D and then finish up a referral letter for one of the patient. (had to cross the bridge again)

I was halfway doing the letter when I was called back to ACC. (had to cross the bridge)

I was at ACC, doing almost nothing until at 1pm, I was told to go back and finish up the letter.

I went back to PICU and got the letter done. (had to cross the bridge)

I went for lunch and then was supposed to be in the clinic in the afternoon.

I went to the clinic (ground floor) and gave the referral letter to my MO. However, my MO thought that I was still doing Onco and told me (after she signed the referral letter) to put it back in the BHT.

I went back to 5D. I noted that the patient had fever.

I went back to the clinic and just informed the MO that the patient had fever.

My MO told me to go and take an FBC (full blood count) for the patient.

I went back to 5D, took the blood, took it to the lab (ground floor) and then showed the results to the MO because the child had very low hemoglobin.

The MO told me to go back to 5D, take a GXM (needed before you transfuse blood), a blood culture and sensitivity, fill up an XRay form and request for blood for transfusion.

Once I settled that, I went back to the clinic and only then my MO realized that I was supposed to be in the clinic that evening. However, since it was already 4.30pm, she said that there are no more patients in the clinic and I should review 2 patients who were admitted earlier that day to PICU.

I went up to PICU (6th floor), reviewed the patient, then went to 6C to trace some blood investigation results, then went back to PICU to write the results down in their BHTs.

I met my MO in PICU and she told me to go to 5D to see whether or not the patient's XRay was ready.

By the time that was done, it was 5.30pm. I left the hospital and went out for drinks with a couple of friends. I didn't eat anything because I already had dinner plans.

I reached my hostel at 7pm and immediately went out with a different set of friends for dinner.

I came back at about 9pm, took my shower and then received a phone call from my friends (the same 2 people whom I went out with for drinks earlier) calling me to go to McD. I tried refusing but in the end was 'forced' to go.

(The cashier at McD was quite funny. First she packed up our food even though we said we were going to eat there. And my McFlurry, it was ice-cream with Oreo's dumped on top of it. Only when we asked why did she say that the machine was spoilt. My friend ended up doing the mixing manually. Weird!)

I just got back home a while ago.

I wonder why my legs ache and I am feeling tired.


Chong Beng said...

join medical la,u will know wat is leg pain everyday

yen said...

agree agree... my legs r aching ....
din eat summore.. :(

Sharma D. Pillai said...

The way u describe....

U sure u a doctor ka.. sounds like u like kuli onli... MO say A u do A, MO say B u do B.... hahahha

so kasian.........

CK said...

hospital ipoh doesnt have phones or what?