Saturday, March 7, 2009


I am on leave! After such a long time, I am back home. The last trip home doesn't count - everyone was busy with my cousin brothers wedding.

I've taken leave till Monday.
It's really nice to have a holiday.
Just relax, do nothing.
One never truly appreciates leave until one works.
When studying, if you don't feel like going for classes, you can always ponteng.
But then, working is different - you have to take leave and leave is SO PRECIOUS!!

My brain is holiday as well, so I can't think of a post to write.
Got an interesting mail the other day..decided to just copy-paste it here.
Hope you enjoy it as well.
Please take the test to check how stressed you are....


There is a very, very tall coconut tree and there are 4 animals.
King Kong, an Ape, an Orangutan and a Monkey pass by.
They decide to compete to see who is the fastest to get a banana off the tree.
Who do you guess will win?
Your answer will reflect your personality.
Think carefully . . . Try and answer within 30 seconds

Got your answer?

Now scroll down to see the analysis.

If your answer is:

Orangutan = you're sick

Ape = you need a break

Monkey = worse, you suppose to be in the hospital right now..

King Kong = I think you better take 1 year leave..

Why?! ????


A Coconut tree doesn't have bananas!

Obviously you're stressed and overworked.
Take some time off and relax!


CK said...

i guessed correctly..
does that mean i'm not stressed?
last call this sunday~!
then, holidayyyyyy~!~!~!~!!~~!~!

yen said...

same here same here...
last call tmr:) but on leave from tuesday only..:)

Sharini said...

yup, i think you are not stressed enough ck...:p

holidays? how long will you guys b on leave? i got at least 3 weeks more to go, if i m not extended..

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I got an award for you, Sharini :)
You might wanna check it out! Hope you had a nice relaxation during your leave.