Monday, May 11, 2009

How Corrupted Is Your Mind?

Well, today I am going to share a picture with that many of you might have seen before, but by luck, some of you might not have come across it yet.

Now, don't be shy.
Don't lie to yourself.

What do you see in the picture?

Scientific research showed that children can't recognise erotic scenes.
Instead they see 9 dolphins.

On the other hand, adult's mind is rather "corrupted" so adult person may have problems spoting 9 dolphins at first eye glaze.

If you have trouble spotting dolphins in the first 6 seconds, then your mind is heavily corrupted, and you are seriously obsessed with sex!

Today, I learnt that Hansen's disease = leprosy.
I don't know about you, but the moment people say leprosy, I imagine fingers and toes dropping off. According to Wikipedia, this is not true. For more info regarding leprosy, click here.

Am oncall tomorrow.

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your post is almost same as mine :)