Monday, December 7, 2009

Medical, Here I Comes

It is very rare to get a 'chill' day in the labor room.
Something is always happening.
There is always something to do.

But that day was different.
There really wasn't anything to do.
Even the MO found it weird, but hey, enjoy the moment while it lasts, right?

So, there I was, trying to complete my log book.

Then, I saw my specialist walking in, with a nurse pushing a patient in a wheelchair into suite 1.
Now, suite 1 is our 'special' suite - we only put 'critical' patients in there - patients with severe PE (pre-eclampsia) or IE(impending eclampsia) or patient's with heart disease.

My friend immediately went into suite 1 to see what she can do and do the necessary.
Everyone who comes in will need blood investigations, so I started taking all the tubes necessary (I assumed that it was a PE case) for the blood tests.

I was about to enter the suite when I saw drops of blood on the flood. I stopped, went back to where we kept all the tubes and took another bottle, which was necessary for any patients who are bleeding.

2 others started setting branulas and taking blood.
1 pushed in the scan machine for the specialist.
I started filling up the blood forms.

Specialist scanned - confirmed an abruptio placenta (placenta separated from the uterus wall) and (as we would do in any emergency situation) we prepared for LSCS.

One HO ran for blood, one HO scrubbed in OT.
Baby was out in less than 10 minutes.

Right now, I can't think of any more stories.
Tomorrow will be my last day in O&G.
I am going to start my medical posting.
As much as I hate tagging, hate starting a new department (it is like learning a new subject alltogether) I am glad I have not been extended.

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