Saturday, October 11, 2008

Handphone Woes Part III (Conclusion)

Finally, today I managed to pay a visit to the Maxis service center here in Seremban. Although they detected no problems with my SIM card, they gave a me a new SIM card and now my phone is problem free!! Hooray!!

What I don't get is the working hours of the service center. It is open during the weekdays from 9am to 5pm and on Sat from 9am to 1pm. What is the logic in such opening hours? Does this mean that someone who is having problems with their phones have to skip work or take time off work just to get their phone checked out?

The same problem exists with banks. Now that we can do most payments through the bank machines the situation is not that bad. But then, the system has not been around for that long and does not cover all services. There are still people who have to miss work to do banking work.

I think any business in the service industry (including banks) should be open beyond working hours and also during weekends. Wouldn't that be more consumer friendly? Won't that make life easier for most people? If supermarkets can do it, then why not banks and service centers?


Chong Beng said...

think the bank is never short of customers,why shud they increase their cost by open longer,haha!they open at that hr and u will still go :):)

sunny said...

This is what u call the working hours lar.

Although I do admit it will cause alot of inconveniences for the working class, but come to think of it, Malaysia is considered good if you look at other western countries! They just work only on weekdays.

Imagine u are a maxis employee, how are u gonna find time to the bank if your working hours is extended? The same goes around for them. If u stretch their working hours, means they also have problem doing their bankings/services.

Maybe you should ask your parents how they managed with the banking and bills all the while.
Hahahahaa :P

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Such wise words.
Good your phone is woe-free now! :)

Sharini said...

chong beng: i know it will cost more for them 2 open longer...but just for convinience sake, why not? it is a service industry after all...

sunny: currently, my dad pays the bills during his lunch hours. last time, when we were in terengganu, we lived about half an hour away from town, so paying bills during lunch hours was impossible (this was before you could do bank payments thru machines). However, since our weekend was on friday and kuantan was about an hour drive away, we used to go to kuantan to pay our bills on fridays. Many people from Kemaman do the same, so, you can imagine how crowded Kuantan town is on fridays, especially during the beginning/end of the month.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I always forgot to ask, what is the My Little Black Dress Collection on your sidebar? Some boxes are ticked, and I can tick on them too.

Book titles?

Sharini said...

yup, book titles..the ones that are ticked are the ones i already own....u can tick it, but then it doesn't stay ticked after u refresh..unfortunately i dunno how to make it impossible for others to tick..:P