Friday, October 10, 2008

My Car

I have decided on what car to buy. In one of my previous entries, I was contemplating between a Myvi and a City. After much thinking and discussing with my parents and brother, I finally decided to buy a Saga.

Why a Saga, you ask? Because it is cheap (meaning I have more money in hand to go shopping). And because everyone (whom I asked for opinion from) said that it is a 'good value for money' buy.

I am getting a Proton Saga 1.3 Manual (M-line); colour - silver. It will look something like this :

Let me explain my buy.

-All Proton Saga's are 1.3.

-The cars have 3 different specs - N-line, B-line and M-line. M-line is the one with full specs meaning they have an airbag (only on driver's side), sports rims, spotlight, reverse sensors and some other minor things.

-Although most people everyone says that auto will be easier to drive, my parents don't seem to agree. All 3 cars we have are manual. I have never driven an auto car before in my life. My parents and brother say that I panic easily and so it is safer for me to drive a manual. Frankly, I don't care. Whatever. If me buying a manual car would make them feel better, then manual it is. Anyway, a manual car is cheaper and also more fuel-saving. So, why not?

-The colour choices I had:
Green - No way
Black - My Mom said no
Red - No
Blue -
In the end, I chose silver 'cos...I like silver. Need there be any other reasons?

So there you go. My car. Well, I haven't gotten the car yet, but I've already booked it. And yesterday, my loan was approved. Hooray! Now, all I need is a job so that I can pay for my loan.


CK said...

i also thought manual cars were nicer than autos, untill one day i was stuck in a jam on the penang bridge, BOTH ways. lets just say that now i prefer automatic gear transmission :)

anyways, congrats on your new investment:) have fun with it:)

sunny said...

Oh please. Have you ever got stuck in a horrible jam before?

I took 4 hours to CRAWL from Penang to Ipoh during the balik kampung period. Trust me, manual is not something you would like to have if your car is going bumper by bumper!
Either u have to endure the cramp in your legs,else u might as well bring along a brick to put on the clutch!

I can understand u do feel better by driving manual because all 3 cars you currently have is manual. But trust me, once you've driven a auto car, you'll notice how care-free it is and how easy to drive. No doubt, manual is memang lebih kuat and cheaper, but definitely doesn't apply like what u said, is safer to drive.

If u panic easily and managed well with all 3 manual cars all along, I don't see why u'll be in danger by switching to auto. Both your hands will be on the wheels and ur other leg can even dial for 911 if u panic! See what i mean ???

Congrats on your new buy anyway! But i definitely won't sit in ur passenger's seat as the airbag is only on your side.
Hahahahahaahahahahaha !!!!!

Have fun darling !

Bel said...

wow sha! congrats on yr new car. be sure to come over to kl for a visit ya, of course with your new car. :)

Sharini said...

ck,sunny: i really hope that i get posted in seremban, so i don't have to worry about jam dat much.if i ever decide to go to kl, i will probably do so with a driver, so it won't be me with painful legs. :P

bel: i don't think i will be able to drive down to kl.
1)my parents dun trust my driving enough.
2) i don't know the way.
wish i could though..

Bel said... that case. u have another task! practise your driving more and get gps. keke.. :)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I take the Metro still LOL

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Ooohhh great choice on the colour ;)

Chong Beng said...

hehe,already bought dee don need to think too much,but if u still can change to auto,i hope u consider,or at least test drive it...i drove saga manual b4,never drive a car so hard to drive b4,the clutch very loose and the gear so hard to go into me,hehe,and it was a new car thou!

Sharini said...

bel: i would probably be allowed to drive to kl sometime next year or the year after.

gorgeous ol' eve: if they had metro here i would probably use it too. miss the metro!!

chong beng: my bro did test drive d manual, he said it was ok...oni the clutch a bit far in....i should b able to reach it...if not, then change car with my mum...ahhaha

CK said...

to tell the truth...
this saga..i dont know if they changed it..i drove hajar's saga in terengganu last time, hers is an automatic..the gear transmission is very unsmooth..quite stressful to drive, at least for me..for this car i think i'd prefer the manual..