Friday, October 24, 2008

Extended Holiday

CB smsed me on Wednesday morning saying that a few of my friends have received their induction letter. The moment I heard that, my heart started to beat a little faster. Would I get mine too? I waited and waited. By the end of the day, many of my friends had been visited by Poslaju. The next day, I continued waiting. Then, SH (who also had not received her letter) said 'Let's try to call KKM'. I tried calling and calling and calling. They were engaged almost all the time. I gave up. SH didn't give up, and after many thousand tries, managed to get through and was told that her letter would be arriving soon, and true to their words, she received her letter yesterday.

By this time, I was sure that my induction is not going to be with them (those who have got their letters). I came to this conclusion because everyone who registered on the same day with me had not got their letters. Some tried calling, and were told that they would be in the next induction, on the 17th of November. I guess mine is on the 17th as well. Who knew 1 day would make so much difference(CB, SH and many others registered on the 4th of Aug and I registered on the 5th)?

Right now, I don't know whether I am happy or sad that I won't be part of the coming induction. I am happy because the induction is scheduled on the 28th of October, which is a day after Deepavali. If I were in this induction, then I might have had to leave my house on Deepavali day if my induction is far away and I have to register in the morning (hope my sentence makes sense to you). So, that would not have been a very nice way to spend my 1st Deepavali in Malaysia after 6 years.

However, most of my friends are going to be part of this induction, and I am missing a chance of meeting them. Thankfully, some of my friends are like me, having registered a little later, and will probably be together with me. I hope we'll be placed in the same place. *fingers crossed*

p/s this gives me a little more time to shop for clothes to wear during the induction..they have dresscodes!!


h2m said...

Dr Sharini!! Congrates~

Sharini said...

:P thank you