Friday, February 20, 2009

Safe To Work?

Today is the last day at work in Ipoh Hospital for some of my friends. They are JMO's (junior MO's), soon to be MO's. As of 1st of March, they are no more housemen and are officially safe to think and manage patients by themselves.

I think it is rather scary to be an MO.
For now, whatever decision I make, I can confirm with my MO.
If I don't know the diagnosis, I can just say I don't know and don't have to think that much.
If I can't set line - inform the MO and they will set the line (doesn't happen very often, usually the staffnurse will help with the line setting).
If a patient is in serious condition and I can't handle it, call the MO.
If anything goes wrong, I am just a houseman, I am not to be blamed (unless of course it is a really, really horrible mistake). The MO's and specialist have to take responsibility for whatever happens.

It's different for MOs.
They are supposed to be capable of handling almost all cases.
They are supposed to be reliable.
They must be able to handle emergencies.
They must not do stupid mistakes.
The only plus point - they have weekends off AND they don't have to do petty ward work - leave that to the housemen.

One can't remain a houseman forever.
Either you become an MO, or you are branded unsafe to work and are not granted a full registration and you end up looking for another job.

Yes, I can't wait to finish my housemanship.
At the same time, I am worried about the responsibilities I would have to face as an MO (assuming I am not barred from the proffesion).
For now, I am trying my best to not think about what is to come in about 2 years to come.
I am going to go through my housemanship posting by posting and hopefully by the end of it, my brain won't be as empty as it is now.

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min said...

hey girl, dun worry so much and try ur best. I believe by the end of ur HO life..u will automatically fit into the role of a MO. Trust me..n trust urself!