Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Arm Still Hurts....A Little

Not too long back, H1N1 was one of the many hot topics we had.
Nowadays, you rarely hear about H1N1.

However, I have heard of people talking about the 2nd wave of H1N1, more 'deadly' than the previous virus.
True or not, I have no idea.

But then, our hospitals now already have the H1N1 vaccine in stock.
And it is free for us, health personnels.

I will be finishing O&G soon.
I will be going to either medical, A&E or surgical.
I am hoping that I will go into medical.
If so, I would be meeting many patients who might be having the so called 2nd wave of H1N1.

Although I think H1N1 is over-rated, but there is no harm in getting a vaccine, right?
So, that is what I did.
I got myself the vaccine last Friday.

However, there is one vaccine that I have not decided whether or not to take.
The HPV vaccine.

HPV is basically a sexually transmitted infection, which in the female population can cause cervical cancer.
The vaccine is actually quite a recent discovery, but is said to be protective against the cancer.

Yes, I really think it is a good vaccine, as in, it is quite beneficial.
But it costs RM200 per dose, and one has to put 3 doses which comes to a total of RM600!!

Which is why I am still thinking whether or not to get the vaccine for myself.
Do I really need it? :P


Mr. J @ pengerindu.com said...

semoga cepat sembuh.


theeggyolks said...

if you have the $$, why not? It means no harm :)