Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I Have My Own KWSP Account!

I finally received my letter for induction and BTN yesterday. My induction will be in EDC-UUM, Kedah from the 17th Nov-30th Nov and my BTN will be in Ulu Kenas, Kuala Kangsar from the 30th Nov-4th Dec. All my friends who registered on the same day as I did got the same places, so I am quite happy that I would be able to meet them and catch up after so long!

I have 2 worries for now :
1. Which hospital I would get posted to. My 3 choices (in order) were Seremban Hospital, Melaka Hospital and Ipoh Hospital. I really hope that I will get my first choice. *fingers crossed*
2. When will I start work? 4th of December is a Thursday and MAYBE I will have to start work on the 5th. That is SO FAST!! I hope they will give us a break till the next week, but somehow, I doubt it. *toes crossed*

Anyway, today I opened my KWSP account. JJ said that it would be easier to open the account before I start work, and since Rajiv was around, I decided to do it today. We went to the KWSP office quite late, almost at 12pm, and we were quite sure that we would have to wait for hours. When we got there, they gave me a form to fill up and told me that I would need a photocopy of my IC (front and back on 1 page; thankfully JJ told me to prepare it before I went there, so that wasn't a problem). After filling up the form, they gave me a number, and it was my turn immediately. That's right. I didn't have to wait at all. In fact, almost no one was waiting, although there were many waiting chairs. Maybe we were just lucky or maybe the officers there are really efficient. Either way, I got it done!

In about 20minutes, Rajiv and I were out and after tapau-ing KFC, we headed back home.

Now we are heading out again to do some pre-induction shopping. Till later!


Anonymous said...

It wasn't your lucky day at EPF. Its normal time taken for Members to be served at counters. I am glad you were happy with our services.

You may want to share this information with other inductees you will be meeting soon. It is not really necessary for you to register as a EPF Member before you start work. Based on the new employees particulars provided by the employer when they submit the monthly contribution, EPF will register the new employees as members.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Congratulations! I'm glad the dates are all set in black and white :)

But you ahhh, at first wanted to work so badly and did I read correct.. you want a break before starting work LOL

Sharini said...

hahaha...u r right. I really,really want to start work, but then now starting to get nervous about working..:P