Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blur Eyes

Recently, I began to notice that my vision is slightly blur.
It wasn't a gradual kind of thing, one day I could see things clearly, the next day, it was like I forgot to put on my spectacles.
I was (and am) very sad.
In case you didn't know, I did LASIK for my eyes just 7 months ago.

At first I thought that maybe it's just a passing thing, maybe I was just tired (I noticed the blurness on a day that I was oncall).
But then, the blurring of vision persisted even after long hours of sleep.

Since I am on leave right now, I decided to go for an eye check up today.
At first, I thought of just going straight to Optimax Taman Tun - do the checkup and if necessary, the enhancement straight away.
So, I called Optimax Taman Tun.

The receptionists in Optimax have always been very polite, nice people.
Even cousin Nila has mentioned it previously.
I was shocked today when the lady who answered the phone was quite rude.
She didn't really say anything rude, but the way she spoke was enough to make you wonder whether or not she was having PMS.
I wonder what happened to their friendly staff.

At one point, she told me that it won't be possible to do the enhancement tomorrow because they do upkeep of the equipments on Wednesday.
Then I asked her whether or not it would be possible to do the assessment in Seremban.
She then gave me the Seremban Optimax number.
I wanted to ask her more about the check up, but she cut me short and just put down the phone.
What the ....?!

I then called Optimax Seremban and got an appointment with them for today (they were very friendly and nice).
The eye assessment showed that my eyes indeed have a power of 75 and 50.
They said I could go for an enhancement, but then the doctor who did my eyes is not around for now, so I will have to get an appointment for later.

So sad.
The fact that I have to do my eyes again.
And the fact that I can't do it this week.
I will have to take leave again for the enhancement.
Maybe next month.

Why can't my eyes behave.
It's not like I watch TV or use the computer that much..

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