Friday, June 26, 2009


Hmm..quite a number of happenings nowadays....

But I have a specific topic to stick to, for the next 10 days or so - a year ago, today -my very own travel brochure (with limited amount of information).

A quick recap of a couple of things though :

The top new of the day - Michael Jackson died.
My response to the news - OK, so what? So many people die everyday and he is just one of them. I don't feel sad, I don't feel happy, I don't have any feelings.
Why should I, anyway?
It's not like I know him.
I know his existence, I know some of his songs, I enjoy some of his songs.
That's all!

I know many people don't agree with me and might not be happy about it, but hey, my feelings - I can't force myself to be sad for a stranger, right?

Another thing - Everyone seem to be SOOOOO into Transformers.
Everyone wants to go watch the movie.
Everyone is trying to get the tickets/friends to go watch the movie with.

I have had quite a number of invites to watch the movie.
So far, I've declined all invitations.

I didn't watch the first one, and I have no plans to watch the 2nd one.
Is it really that nice?
I didn't even like the preview that much.
Friends tell me I am missing a good movie.
Am I?

Right now, I think since there is really no other movies to watch, I MIGHT go for the movie, IF I really find the need to kill some time.

Anyway, time to start my post.

It was our day 1 in St. Petersburg (SP).
We took the night train from Moscow to SP.
It was the 2nd time I took the train - and the ride was as it was the first time - convenient and comfortable.

We spent 2 nights in SP, in an apartment we rented. It wasn't the cheapest of places (not expensive either), but was very convenient, just along the main street.

Here are some photos we took around SP town that day.

At the Petersburg train station - taking pictures even before brushing our teeth!

Me and Mom at a huge lamp-post (duh!)
(in case you were wondering, by this time, we had already freshened up)

The Kazansky Cathedral - the inside is really, really beautiful


The Church of something-something (a very long name, can never remember it).
It is said to be similar to the St. Basil's cathedral in Moscow, just blue in colour

The city was named after this guy - Petersburg - still wonder why the snake is there.

Mom insisted that she wanted Indian food. We walked and walked for about an hour (?more) looking for the Indian restaurant. See how happy Mom is that we were already there.

Today, I learnt about the existence of fracture blisters.

A patient was admitted for tibial plateau fracture type VI yesterday, and upon removal of his backslab today, he was noted to have multiple large (and unsightly) blisters on his shin and calf.
We first thought of compartment syndrome (which is what we are supposed to think of), but upon examination it was deduced that they were fracture blisters.

Fracture blisters are tense vesicles or bullae that arise on markedly swollen skin directly overlying a fracture.They occurred most commonly overlying the tibia, ankle, and elbow. They usually arise within 24-48 h of acute injury in most instances.

Treatment? My specialist said that it would be better to just let the blisters heal by themself before proceeding with any surgery (for the fracture). The outcome is usually better rather than just debriding the blisters and underlying skin.

P/s congratulations MMA Class of 2009 on your graduation. Enjoy your holidays. Don't think about working life, for now. You will have enough time to mull over that later on.

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