Monday, June 29, 2009

Beautiful Barcelona


Even before we went for our trip, we decided that in Barcelona, we would take the Hop On Hop Off bus. Everyone who had been to Barcelona told us to do that, and that is exactly what we did.

The bus has 3 routes, we can follow any of it at any time (up to 9pm I think). It stops in all the main attractions. It even had an audio guide which you could listen to when you were sitting in the bus.

The bus was a double decker bus, with an open air top, but then I only managed to sit out top for a few minutes before running downstairs for cover.

I never expected Barcelona to be SO HOT!!
The sun was out.
There were no clouds.
It was like the sun was just burning you up, roasting you.

Anyway, we had fun.
Here are some of the photos we took that day.

The Sagrada Familia - unfinished even after 200 years!
One name you will NOT fail to hear when you are in Barcelona is Gaudi - a famous architect. Most of the attractions we visited are by him.
It is amazing how he could think (and make) of such amazing designs/work of art!

Every single line is a carving, every carving is a story. Gaudi paid attention to every single detail.
(The Sagrada is being built according to Gaudi's original plan)

Park Guell - another Gaudi creation.

It was SO HOT, my parents refused to go out to the clearing at the background.

The famous lizard at Park Guell

Next, we went up Mount Tibidabo. We had to take a tram and a *something* (forgot the name - something like tram also la) to get to the top.
This is not actually an attraction (at least I don't think it is), but then isn't it beautiful?!

The church at the top of Mount Tibidabo

The glass paintings were really remarkable. It was quite hard to get good shots of them, though. This was the best I could manage.

Hmm, not that many pictures, right? I guess we were just too busy enjoying the view (plus I didn't want to put too many pictures of the same place).

Today, I learnt that excitement is infectious.
I never planned to watch Transformers.
But then everyone is talking about it.
And many people have watched it.
Although many say that the first one is better, I am now thinking of watching the movie.
Although I still don't think I will enjoy it that much.
Just for the sake of saying that "hey, I've watched it!"
Maybe sometime this week if we can get the tickets?

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