Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cause And Effect

Day 1: Left ankle slightly painful. Ignore. Continue work as usual.

Day 2: Left ankle more painful. Limp a little. Work. Pain worse at night.

Day 3: Left ankle very painful. Take MC. By evening, pain almost gone, still limping a little, go for oncall.

Day 4: Developed a small swelling over left knee – didn’t hit anywhere, don’t think got bitten by any insect. Unable to bend knee without feeling terrible pain, so most of weight beared by right leg. See doctor – given antibiotics.

Day 5: Knee pain improving. Minimal limp. Slight pain over right ankle, probably due to the extra burden it had to endure the day before.

Day 6: Right ankle painful in the morning, got better as the day progressed. Limping (weight now more on left leg). At night, pain worsened – took Papase, took Voltaren, bandaged ankle, slept.

Day 7: Right ankle less painful in the morning, but as day progressed, pain got a little bit worse. For now, leg is bandaged. Hope that it will be better tomorrow.

Conclusion: My body is trying to tell me something. Lose weight, perhaps?



Anonymous said...

lose weight??? i will see u no more soon if u lose more weight...

Chong Beng said...

this kind of patient usually is old aunty in ortho department:p

vy said...

haha... beng dun be sooo mean la..:P
but to sum extend i agreed :P

Sharini said...

vy! you are supposed to support me, not beng..:(
anyway, i am getting old...