Saturday, January 10, 2009

Retrospective Blog Entries

No, I still haven’t got my internet connection yet. Sad, isn’t it. I thought that one of the first things I should get after I start work is an internet connection and till now, almost one month after I started work, I still don’t have one. The reason – it is too expensive.

I do have a few choices – streamyx, Maxis broadband, Celcom broadband or the dial-up tmnet thing. All these choices are either too expensive or do not provide proper service at the place that I live. I am still exploring my choices, but then I decided that I have left my blog for too long and have come to a solution.

I am going to blog at my own time in my hostel, then pass it along to KR or Rajiv, whoever comes and visits me, and tell them to post it up on my blog. I will try to write as many as possible so that there will be more posts to be posted up, but then for now it is just a plan, so let’s see how it works out. However, this means that all my posts will be retrospective entries. Hopefully I will get my internet soon enough to be able to post entries up by myself and check my mail and check my facebook and friendster account and read the papers and study (although I doubt that much of my time online will be spent studying).

Anyway, for those who don’t know it yet, I am currently an official employee of the Ipoh Hospital. I think you can expect most of my posts from now onwards to be about work and the people I meet at work. I guess many of you have heard about patient-doctor confidentiality, but then I don’t really know what I am allowed to and not allowed to talk about. I will try my best to not talk too much about my patients or even if I do, I will not use their names – so I guess its ok, right?

I think this is enough for this post. Have fun online-ing!


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