Monday, January 12, 2009

My Day At Work

Let me tell you the basics about my job.

I can’t quite believe it yet.
I am actually working!

No more a student.
Earning my own money (although I haven’t actually got my first pay yet).
Living away from home.
Driving to and from work, myself.
Eating out.
Actually doing something that is supposed to make a difference in someone else’s life.
No more a student.

I find it weird – 2 months ago I was doing nothing, sitting at home; 1 month ago I was in induksi and BTN attending lectures and now I am going to work everyday and supposedly making money.

Anyway, I am currently working as a/an (not too sure) Houseman (HO) in the Pediatric Department of Ipoh Hospital. It is supposed to be the easiest and ‘chillest’ department of all, but even then, I cannot say that I am not having problems adapting to work. I will be working in Ipoh Hospital for 2 years in 6 different departments (Paeds, O & G – obstetrics and gynaecology, Medical, Surgery, A & E – accident and emergency, and Orthopedics). After I complete the two years (providing I don’t get extended), I will be a/an Medical Officer (MO), and maybe be transferred out to anywhere in Perak. I can, however, request to be transferred out of Perak, providing I have a good enough reason to give.

My relatives and friends keep telling me that Ipoh is a nice place to work and the hospital is a good hospital. For me, I don’t really care. No matter where I work, I know that I am going to be busy and not have that much time. The only difference is that now I have to send my clothes for laundry and I have to eat out (as opposed to having my Mum do the laundry and eating home cooked food). I sound cruel, don’t I? Actually, I am quite a nice person; deep down inside.

How am I adapting to my life here? Quite well, I think. I wake up at about 6-6.15 and get to work at about 7. I and my fellow HOs will start with our morning reviews and rounds. Then the MOs come and we (HOs) will do rounds with them. After that, the speacialist will come and do another round, and we follow them as well.

After the specialist rounds, usually we HOs will have discharges to do as well as other investigations and blood takings. By the time that is done, it will be time for the afternoon rounds. Sometimes there are also new admissions to take care off. Afternoon rounds only involve the acute (really sick) patients and new cases not seen by the MO yet.

By 5.00, HOs are allowed to leave, unless you are on call or you are tagging (will explain about tagging in another post). If you are on call, there will be another review to be done at about 7pm followed by MO rounds and specialist rounds, but also involving only acute patients and new cases. Once that it over with, you just do whatever blood takings that have not been done yet or handle new cases. If there are no new admissions, then you can sleep and wake up the next morning in time for morning reviews.

Work doesn’t sound that complicated, does it? There is a lot more to work than what I just told, but then I will explain that in subsequent posts. This post is already long enough as it is. As I told you in my previous post, most of my entries are going to revolve around my work, because that is the only thing going on in my life right now. That is what my whole day is about. I hope I don’t bore you too much though. That would defeat the whole purpose of writing an entry, right?



CK said...

haha...that makes 2 of us in paediatrics..
you make it sound waaaaay too simple..
i hate work:)

Arulkanesh said...

nice post ...
at last ur blogging ... hehehe
keep blogging.. at least we get to noe wats goin on as a HO.. hehe :)