Sunday, May 25, 2008

Just To Pass Time

If you are feeling really, really bored as I was a while ago..
If you don't have anything else better to do than sit in front of the computer and look for things to do on the net..
If you need a break from your studies or work..
If you are a curious person..
If you would like to exercise your index finger..

Try clicking on the big, red button below (and keep going on). It did seem quite boring at first, but it was fun to see a button have a conversation with itself (am I making any sense here?). Have fun clicking!!

Put The Big Red Button on your site


osagi said...

red button nih...dah tak ble tekan bila dia dah gelak HAHAHAHAHA kerr??... huhuhuhuhu

Sharini said...

takdela..boleh tekan sampai dia akan ulang semula...hehe

Sharini said...

osagi, kena cuba cari the correct red button....

suvin said...

U will be able to go tru it!
all the very best!