Friday, May 9, 2008

MMA graduation

Only in a MMA (Moscow Medical Academy) graduation :

- the students organize their own graduation

- the dean’s office elects the students who will organize the graduation

- students have to pay for their graduation

- any planning have to receive approval from the dean’s office staff

- the rector cannot travel 1.5 hours away for the graduation, but students are expected to travel that amount of time to class everyday

- the dean’s office agrees to an uglier, smaller hall just because it is nearer to the office (lesser travel time for them) and rejects all other halls

- each student can bring only 1.5 guests per person because of inadequate seats in the hall

- we have to pay for each guest- for the cost of food that will be served

- the graduation MUST include a ‘makan’ whether you like it or not

- we are not allowed cater food from outside for fear that someone would poison it

- the organizing committee prepares (design, type names) the certificate (yes, our degree)

- we BUY our graduation robe and cap

- everyone has to use similar pens for the exams- bought by the committee

- the yearbook cannot vary too much from those of the previous years

What I have spent/have to spend for my graduation :

- graduation fee (hall, pen, ‘makan’, robe, cap, yearbook) – 4500 rubles

- certificate holder – 400 rubles

- entrance for parents – 1700 rubles (2 people)

TOTAL (so far) = 6600 rubles = almost RM1000.

RM1000 to graduate after the thousands of ringgit spent for the past 6 years. I guess the name Money Making Academy (MMA) fits it after all.

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